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Kivanc tatlitug muslim

My philosophy is " If you work on something, go on the same way, don’t jump to another side”. We can see celebrities going out and about their block not caring about being famous or rich, they would talk to fans, eat their breakfast in a right-down-the-corner restaurant.

I am famous but I have no friends from this world, I am still in contact with my old friends. But, the one thing that can remain unchanged, is their ''psychological'' side.

Born in Adana, Turkey, on October 27, 1983, to Nurten and Erdem Tatlıtuğ, he moved to Istanbul with his family in 1997 because of his father’s health. He is a 2013 graduate of Istanbul Kultur University. He was previously in a relationship with actress Azra Akin from 2002 to 2008.

He acted TV series “Kurt Seyit ve Şura” with Farah Zeynep Abdullah for second time in 2014 and Cesur ve Güzel with Tuba Büyüküstün and Tamer Levent in 2016 to 2017 as “Cesur Alemdaroğlu”.

*He played on amateur basketball teams in Istanbul, and wanted to become a professional basketball player.

*In 2002, he won the Best Model Of The World Award.

After he left Syria where he presented a concert by Egyptian singer Amr Diab, Kivanç went back to Turkey where he was interviewed by Ayse Arman. And from where I know this man with blond eyebrows who is so beautiful that you want to pack him in your pocket and take with you? Gümüş is shown in the Arab world with the name Nour. Blond Mohanad here blond Mohanad there…There are many famous men in our country who think “there is no woman I can’t get! What can I say, I thought the media exaggerate, but when I was there they fall on me. Yes I feel happy, yes I feel proud but my real feeling was shock! My phone rang; a voice said “I want to invite you to Dubai. This character is faithful to his wife, he listens to his mother and father, he has taboos, and they feel close to him. Arab women also don’t know me, how old I am, from what kind of family I come, how many sisters and brother I have, what I do, what I eat and drink they don’t know.

The interview covered a variety of personal and professional issues, and addressed Kivanç's phenomenal popularity in the Arab world. You can’t take your eyes away when you see his blonde eyebrows, the form of lips, big blue-green eyes, muscular arms and upper body. His family was the owner of the sweet shop (Mavi Köşe) in Adana which was in front of our house. What kind of mothers there are, what kind of children they get! ” while Kivanc Tatlitug don’t like it that we mention a little bit to much how sexy, how attractive, how handsome he is. He doesn’t look from above; he should be estimated…he is like Lokum (Turkish delight). And of course he is blond, Muslim and his name is Mohanad…

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