Dating tips for recently divorced women

Posted by / 08-Feb-2018 11:50

I often coach my clients to come up with a list of “essential” qualities; qualities that are directly correlated with their happiness in the long-term.

It’s much easier to be open to a variety of high-quality men if you are more focused on character and how they treat you, rather than their age, height or bank accounts.

In many cases, divorced women who are starting to date experience two processes simultaneously – on the one hand, they may still be recovering from an ended marriage (this can a long time, and is natural,) while on the other hand, they are ready to move forward, date and embrace their new singleness.

Not surprisingly, one of the most important aspects of dating is learning how to “market” yourself.

This includes taking care of yourself inside and out so you feel your most attractive and confident.

In addition to taking care of your health by eating well, exercising, and sleeping sufficiently for example, taking care of our physical presentation is especially important during the dating process.

If need be, upgrade your wardrobe with key items that are flattering to your body type, and have a few outfits on-hand for date nights, ones that you feel great in!

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In my mind, I was thinking, “When did I become old enough to date these men?

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